Here is how to plan your owl birthday party & Blow the Minds of Your Guests

Your best friend Christina was soon going to have a family of her own and her mother wanted to throw a birthday party for her. In this regard she requested your help, as you were very enterprising in party planning. She mentioned that she wanted an owl birthday party them for her. You had no idea regarding this theme but you could not offend her so you told her that you would get back to her in a few days. In the coming weekend you took some hours off and searched the internet for articles related to birthday parties with owl themes and you were amazed when you read a few articles on them.

Owl Birthday PartyWhat are the decorations available to be used for owl parties?

You searched the internet and found a few companies that sold birthday supplies for owl party themes at affordable rates. These birthday supplies consisted of tableware, center piece and wall decorations depicting the owl theme. All that you would need to do is buy these birthday supplies and put them up before the party begins. You also searched local stores and there you found beautiful owl banners and one medium size hand embroidered handiwork which could be used later too. All these articles came cheap as your negotiated with the shopkeeper and enjoyed sharpening your bargaining skills.

How would you send the invitation to the guests?

The guests were very limited in numbers. You asked Christina’s mother who used to draw very well to cut a few chart papers in the shape of an owl and write personalized birthday invitations to the guests. You also made it a point to speak to the guest and remind them to keep the birthday party a secret from Christina.

What food so you serve at the party?

Now that the basics of the Owl Birthday Party theme had been decided the nest challenge in hand was to concentrate on the food for the party. In this regard you asked Christina’s mother to bake cupcakes shaped like an owl, while you volunteered that you would make chicken cutlets which were shaped like an owl. You also got another friend to make candies shaped like an owl with white peppermints which were converted into large eyes of the owl. For the main course you could have fried chicken nuggets and pizzas. The food was casual but delicious when eaten.

What are the activities in the party?

When planning for activity in the party, you brain stormed a great idea. You made each guest tell their favorite childhood story and relate the mischief that they had done. The best storyteller would get a gift. You also arranged music for musical chairs and light dancing.

You were happy that Christina’s mother liked all your birthday party ideas and thanked you for your effort. You reminded her that you would meet her on the coming Wednesday and start planning for the owl themed birthday party for Christina.

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